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After the 21 years activities from 1993, we just renamed our company as "CenturyArks Co., Ltd." and started the operation from July 1st 2014.
We are the groups who provide the solution services to support a success and an expansion of a customer's business. The members are the specialists well versed in leading-edge technologies and the organization is flexible to answer to all business styles, such as planning, development, and manufacturing including overseas production.
We are the pro groups who do not only propose a solution, but propose several options by standing on a customer's viewpoint. A specialist with abundant experience provides the support service for various scenes, such as business expansion centering on a customer's core technology, and start up a new business.
All of our employees are committed to working with you to make this new venture successful. We appreciate your continued support in our endeavor.

Masahiro Mizuno
Representative Director

Management Philosophy

  • We always be ahead of the needs of society and contribute to the development of communities as an attractive company with its own sense of value.
  • We make efforts to develop the ability of each staff remember and promote the development of our company and happiness of the staff and their families.
  • We are to be global citizens, who hope for mutual prosperity with all people working together.

Company Data

Company Name CenturyArks Co., Ltd.
HQ Address 3-13-1, Nishiazabu, Minato-ku, Tokyo, 106-0031, Japan
Founded 1993 (renamed in 2014)
Capital 100 million yen.
Employees 30 (incl. contractors, as of 01/01/19)

Company Officers

Chairman, Representative Director

Masahiro Mizuno


Takumi Satoh

President, Operating Officer

Takeshi Saitoh

Managing Executive Officer

Yoshinobu Oka

Development Operating Officer

Manabu Furuya

Sales Executive Officer

Tsuyoshi Motoki


Yasuhiro Oda

History & Outline

2014, Jul. 1st
Established CenturyArks Co., Ltd. (Renamed from AMT)

Re-organized as professional specialists groups to support:

  • Consultation (Consulting Services / Operating Support Services)
  • Development (Development/Development Support of Electronic Devices & Peripherals)
  • Manufacture (Manufacture/Outsourced Manufacturing of Electronic Devices & Peripherals)
  • Sale (Sale of: Electronic Devices & Peripherals, Software Products, Cloud Services, etc)
  • Service (Servers' Installations, Call Center Services, Cloud Services, Maintenance Services)
  • Staffing (Temporary Staffing Services)
  • Affiliate (Enforcement of Commissioned Business)
  • Trade (Dealing Between Companies in Foreign Countries)
  • Logistics (Logistics, Warehouse)
1993, Dec.10th
Established Amusement Time Co., Ltd. (AMT)

Provide solution services including EMS to:

  • Textile
  • Electronics Design, Development, Manufacturing
  • Semiconductor Design, Development, Manufacturing

3-13-1, Nishiazabu, Minato-Ku, Tokyo, 106-0031 Japan * The entrance is on the "Gaien Nishi Dori". TEL : 03-6804-5752 | Login

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